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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

All around DC

It seems like we saw everything in the District today – what a ride. We began with a great visit from Senator Feingold and =, a tour of the Capitol,  followed by a visi to the National Gallery of Art (ask your tourist their favorite work of art – mine was “Two Maps” by Jasper Johns).

After lunch, we checked out Ford’s Theater, with the new museum dedicated to the study of Lincoln and the fateful events of April 1865.  From there, we did some souvenir shopping (watch out for the various sunglasses), took a group picture at the White House, and dined near the Pentagon.

The day ended with an incredibly beautiful evening at the monuments on the National Mall. You can't beat the view from the Lincoln Memorial on a beautiful night.  It seems like the kids are having a great time!


  1. Thanks Chuck, and of course all the other involved adults, for the update. We left Milwaukee about when you were getting to your gate.

    I miss being there. We have been exploring San Diego. We did a walk that honored the Greatest Generation. Lots of boats, and big boats!

    Internet access here is 12.95 a day. What would that be per month? A lot! But, I am cheating using Starbucks, which is connected to the hotel. Is that ethical?

    Miss being there, seriously. They looked kind of tired at the Capitol.


  2. Love the sunglasses! Bet you bought them at Ford's Theater - how much were they??